Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions, please let us know if you have any further questions by e-mailing info@danpatchdays.org or call (952) 440-6255.

How can my organization or business get involved?

There are various ways that businesses and organizations can become involved in the Dan Patch Day Celebration!  Sponsorship, business expos, Food Vendors or as a Volunteer Group… to name a few!  If you would like to learn more about getting your business or organization involved in Dan Patch Days, please contact Anne Masis, President Savage Chamber of Commerce (952) 894-8876 or e-mail anne@savagechamber.com

What does Dan Patch Days do with the proceeds from the event?

 Dan Patch Days, Inc is an all volunteer organization that is not funded by the city. Most of the money received is used to put on the event each year. Over the past six years, Dan Patch Days has also given back more than $150,000 to community organizations.  In addition, the organization maintains a reserve fund in case of a bad weather year, to ensure the event can continue in the future!

Where do I park? Is there a charge for parking? Is there a Shuttle Service available?

If you decide to drive yourself, there is NO CHARGE for parking.  There are several lots available around Community Park, but it does fill fast. We suggest that you carpool if possible, parking is tight!

There is no shuttle service provided in 2018.

Where is handicapped parking located?

Handicap parking is available on the north end of the park near the ball fields.

Are animals allowed at the park during Dan Patch Days?

Community Park is used by Dan Patch Days for the Dan Patch Days celebration.  The park is open to the public and we get 10,000-15,000 people in attendance.  If you do choose to bring your pet, we ask that you keep them on a tight leash and clean up after your pet.

Can I bring a cooler into the park?

Coolers are NOT allowed in the park on Friday or Saturday.  No outside food or beverages will be allowed inside the park.

Can I use cash in the park or do I have to buy tickets?

Tickets are not required to purchase food from the food vendors.  Inflatables and activities in the park do require tickets. We have 2 large ticket booths at the park. Tickets are sold in $ .50 increments. There will be an ATM available in the park.

What happens if there is bad weather at Dan Patch Days?

Although event organizers hope for sunny skies, there is always a chance of rain or a summer storm. In the event of inclement weather, visit the Dan Patch Days Web site at www.danpatchdays.org for the most up-to-date information on the status of events, including closings or postponements.

Are the events on Saturday for all ages?

Yes, we have all different types of events and music that will appeal to all age groups.  Please see the schedule of events for more information.

Is Thursday and Friday Night primarily “Adult Nights”?

Thursday Night is definitely an Adult Night. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed in the Wine Tasting, even if they are accompanied by an adult. Friday night is open to everyone; however there is a charge of $15.00 for anyone age 5 and older.  Friday night consists of Music and Dinner in the Park – there are no children activities on Friday night.

Is there a cost to get into Dan Patch Days?

The cost to attend Dan Patch Days depends on what day/night you attend.

Thursday Night: Beer & Wine Tasting ~$25 per ticket

Friday Night:Music in the Park ~ $15.00 at the gate

Saturday & Night:  FREE (to get into Community Park and listen to the band!) Please see DPD Website or DPD Event Guide for various pricing on events.

Sunday: FREE  Please see DPD Website or DPD Event Guide for various pricing on events.

The Dan Patch Day Parade is  a FREE event to attend on Saturday!

Where is Dan Patch Days and how do I get there?

Dan Patch Days is held at Community Park in Savage, right along County Rd. 27 (between County Road 42 and McColl Drive). For a map click here.

Who is Dan Patch?

Dan Patch was the “Greatest harness horse in the history of the two-wheel sulky”. Dan Patch was born April 29, 1896 in Oxford Indiana, but was purchased in 1902 by Minneapolis businessman Marion W. Savage for the then fabulous price of $60,000. Dan then lived in the stables in Savage, MN. On September 8, 1906 in a race against time on the Minnesota State Fair race track. Here Dan Patch electrified the turf world with his record of 1:55 for the mile to set a new world mark for pacers, and had some 93,000 people gathered that day at the MN State Fair grounds to witness the event. Read more about Dan Patch at www.danpatch.com.